You might be wondering how to write titles in essays. First, remember that topics come in boldface. Underlining your topic is not recommended as it may overstress it and be deemed irrelevant. Also, check your spelling and grammar, and whether the title is catchy. If you think it’s cliche, add quotation marks and other phrases to emphasize it. Once your title is completed, you should proofread it.

Avoid cliches

A common mistake when writing an essay is using cliches. While most of these words are perfectly fine, they tend to be overused and generalized. Moreover, an essay demands a more precise and straightforward approach, which cliches cannot give. If you’re new to writing, you should start by taking baby steps. Instead of writing in a rush, read the text thoroughly, paragraph by paragraph, and look for cliches. For example, a cliché is often a comparison of two things in a metaphorical way.

Avoid generalizations

One of the most important tips for writers is to avoid making generalizations. Generally speaking, generalizations distort findings, especially if they are made about large groups. Statistically representative samples are required for generalizations. Moreover, generalizations may even make your essay look shallow or shoddy. Avoid generalizations when writing essays by relying on specific examples. In addition, generalizations can be offensive if they are unsupported by evidence.

Avoid italicizing

There are numerous reasons to avoid italicizing titles in essays. For one thing, italics can interfere with the clarity of the text. They are also a source of spelling and punctuation errors. It is therefore a bad idea to use italics when you are writing in APA or MLA style. In addition, italics tend to be more illegible than other font styles.

Avoid quotation marks

Use proper quotation marks only when citing sources. The purpose of quotations is to cite the original work of other people. You should use appropriate attribution to ensure your reader will recognize your quotations without looking for them. Different disciplines use different reporting verbs. Consult a dictionary to understand the correct usage. If you do not understand the usage of quotation marks, explain their significance to your readers. You should never include direct quotes from books or articles, as these are generally not considered authentic.

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