How to Write a Definition Essay

A definition essay is a piece of writing that elaborates on a word and its meaning from both the point of subjectivity and direct meaning. The approach you take depends on the subject, audience, and purpose of the essay. There are three main steps to writing a definition essay, and these include using examples and […]

How to Write an Essay for a Scholarship

There are a few key things you should avoid when writing a scholarship essay. First, do not write an autobiography of your life. You should also avoid using your scholarship essay as a platform to discuss a trending topic. Instead, focus on your accomplishments and strengths. For instance, do not write about your college plans […]

How Long Does It Take to Write an Essay?

The answer to the question, how long does it take to write an essay, depends on the person. The more time-efficient you are, the faster your essay will be. A good time management strategy combines Preparation with Writing. A good essay will be completed in a set timeframe. People who aren’t so good at time […]

How to Write a Common App Essay

If you are wondering how to write a Common App essay, keep these tips in mind: don’t go for the topic everyone else is writing about. This means avoiding the pitfalls of turning your essay into a manifesto or a list of things that went right in your life. Instead, try to focus on what […]