As a high school student, you may wonder how to write a critical analysis essay. The answer lies in your interests. You might find a topic in “Thank You, Mom” commercials or comment on the irony of the ultra-right Fascist movement. Or perhaps you’d like to analyze a particular work of literature, such as Huckleberry Finn. Whatever the case may be, there are ways to write a critical analysis essay that will help you achieve the grade you’re seeking.

Analyze the “Thank You, Mom” ads

In the “Thank You, Mom” advertising campaign, Procter & Gamble appeals to the hearts of mothers by showing how much they sacrifice for their children. The advert features mothers cheering for Olympic athletes, and it touches on many important topics, such as mother-child relations. It also shows how mothers have contributed to society, including the 2012 Olympic Games. The appreciative Olympians cannot hide their appreciation for their mothers’ love, and their children’s success, in this advert.

One of the best parts of the ad is the way it presents the lives of many mothers. In this way, the viewer can link the events and make an inference that multiple families will benefit from the product. As an example, the ad uses the word “mom” to evoke the concept of thanksgiving. However, the use of this word is misleading because many viewers may think that all parents are biological.

Comment on the irony of the ultra-right Fascist movement

Many people have a hard time separating sincerity from irony when it comes to the ultra-right Fascist movement. In this case, irony has enabled people to distance themselves from white supremacy by pushing the limits of acceptable behavior in public, only to pull back when they encounter resistance. Richard Spencer’s fascist salute to Donald Trump at the National Policy Institute conference was said to be done in the spirit of irony, but many opponents of the “alt-right” movement are finding it hard to tell which is true or ironic.

In a similar fashion, the far-right community on 4chan has used a different form of self-improvement. The iron pill promotes self-improvement through the use of politics and transforms self-improvement into political action. It does so by redefining the individual as a battlefield. This is not surprising since the iron pill appeals to individuals seeking self-improvement, rather than a fundamental desire to help others.

Analyze Mark Twain’s Huckleberry Finn

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about the history of slavery, you might want to Analyze Mark Twain’a Huckleberry Finn. The novel is a classic American novel that explores the themes of prejudice and institutionalized racism. It is also an interesting study of the role of race in American history. To begin your analysis, gather all relevant materials. This chapter includes an explanation of the theme of freedom, as well as examples of the various types of slavery.

Death is another important aspect of the novel. Mark Twain’s story is set during the Reconstruction Era, after slavery was abolished in the United States after the Civil War. Although slavery was abolished in the United States after the Civil War, Jim Crow Laws had been passed that had institutionalized racial segregation. Mark Twain was an abolitionist and advocated for emancipation. The second Great Awakening took place during the late 1800s.

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