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Tech tip smackdown! 70+ edtech tips from fellow educators

There are some amazing edtech tools out there like Flipgrid, G Suite apps, Kahoot, Gimkit and more. What are the best ideas for using them with students? Here are over 70 tips from fellow educators.

As educators, we have many amazing tech tools available to us. Everything from creation tools embedded into our students’ G Suite accounts to games we can create to use with our whole class.

The #Ditchbook community came together in an epic Thursday night “Tech Tip Smackdown” chat where they shared over 70 (yes 70!) tips for utilizing these powerful tools in your classroom. The conversation was STILL going on the next morning!

Scroll down for tips for using G Suite, Flipgrid and Kahoot, Gimkit, Quizlet Live and Quizizz from the #Ditchbook community. Each collection has copy enabled so you can add it straight to your own Wakelet account! Also, be sure to check out the full chat curation with even MORE tips here.

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