Eliminate worksheet homework with the Fast and the Curious EduProtocol

Repetition-based worksheet homework frustrates teachers and students alike. It often struggles to get results and you never know who’s doing the work. Plus, the feedback to students comes very, very late.

There’s an alternative. Try the Fast and the Curious EduProtocol, an idea from Marlena Hebern and Jon Corippo’s book, “The EduProtocol Field Guide.” It provides students with timely feedback. It’s fun. It gives great repetitions. In short: it works!

Check out this video that gives you the step-by-step instructions on how to use it and why it works.

Three additional points from EduProtocols author Jon Corippo:

— This is a pedagogy that applies to any kind of instant CFU product (Kahoot with groups, GoFormative to draw answers, Socrative with open ended questions). The pedagogy of “test light, feedback, test again” daily functions in other apps.

— I’m going to go until we hit 95 percent. On a tough week, that might be on Thursday on the second round. On an easy week, that might be Tuesday on the first round. I’m getting more than one day back!

— The repetitions are important! If a student gets them right the first time, we should be able to get them done faster the second time. It’s like shooting a three-point shot in basketball. You can’t make one and say, “I’ve got it!” It takes repetitions.

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