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Ditch Channel: 12 video tutorials, strategies and lesson ideas for educators

Google Classroom can be even more powerful with a few tips and strategies to make it efficient and effective.

The best features of game shows can be used to review and teach in the classroom. Kahoot!, Quizizz, Quizlet Live, and Gimkit can help. See their pros, cons and what makes them different.

Resource: Game show classroom: Comparing Kahoot!, Quizizz, Quizlet Live and Gimkit

5 Engaging Example Activities for HyperDocs Toolbox

HyperDocs provides an engaging, student-centered framework for classroom lessons. Looking for ideas to fill those HyperDocs up? Check out these example activities.

Resource: The HyperDocs Toolbox: 14 engaging example activities

5 Digital Bell-Ringer Activities to Kickstart Class

Bell-ringer activities don’t have to be a slow start to class that students dread. Use these ideas to spice up your bell-ringers!

Resource: 10 digital bell-ringer activities to kickstart class (Part 1)

6 Sites for Students with Free Time on Their Hands

When students are done with an assignment or project, how can they spend extra time wisely? These sites give them something academic to chew on.

Resource: 20 sites for students with free time on their hands

How to Create Interactive Notebooks in Google Slides

There are TONS of awesome multimedia activities you can do with interactive notebooks. They’re easy and free! Get the how-to’s and a downloadable template to get started!

Resource: How to Create Digital Interactive Notebooks in Google Slides

4 Ideas for Digital End of Semester Final Projects

Final projects can help students summarize and review content from the entire semester. Plus, they can create fantastic products with what they’ve learned!

Resource: 10 ideas for digital end-of-semester final projects

A Beginner’s Guide to Twitter for Educators

Thousands of educators around the world have grown by leaps and bounds professionally by getting connected on Twitter. But what about those that aren’t on Twitter yet? How do you get started? Here is a guide to help you.

Resource: A beginner’s guide to Twitter for educators

Free Google Drawings Graphic Organizers (and How to Make Them)

30 interactive Google Slides activities for classroom excitement

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