Deep thinking with G Suite (GTT029)

Deep learning and thinking can happen with G Suite in the classroom. We share ideas on this episode of the Google Teacher Tribe podcast.

It’s easy to replace what you were doing in the classroom before with a technological version of it.

Some would use the SAMR model and label it substitution: direct tool substitute with no functional change

If you’re using all of this cool technology to do the same things you were doing before, it feels like the technology gets squandered.

How can we kick learning up to a whole other level but also encourage them to think deeply — to move up Bloom’s Taxonomy and Webb’s Depth of Knowledge?

There are some great ways to do that using Google tools, and that’s the focus this episode of the Google Teacher Tribe podcast. Kasey and I discuss deep thinking with G Suite and provide several examples that you can use in the classroom right away.