Big, moonshot-sized ideas for changing classrooms and schools

Sometimes, solutions to our biggest problems requires BIG thinking. In this week’s #DitchBook Twitter chat, we gave ourselves permission to talk about our moonshots. (Icons via with NounPro account)

In the midst of the chaos of our educator lives, it’s hard to find time to think big.

Lesson plans. Grading. Emails. Meetings.

When do we get the opportunity to dream, to cook up crazy-big ideas that can really change the course of our students’ lives — and our community, or maybe even the world?

In a recent #DitchBook Twitter chat, this was our topic: moonshot ideas. What are the big, seemingly crazy things that could change how teaching and learning are done in our schools and beyond?

We gave ourselves permission to be bold. We weren’t sure how we were going to reach these goals yet, but we shared them anyway!

What are your moonshot ideas? What big ideas can change education? Please share your ideas in a comment at the end of this post!