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A new twist on traditional assessments: Ideas you can use

Assessment doesn’t have to be a traditional quiz or test! Here are plenty of ideas for turning assessment on its head.

The metaphors you can use for assessments go on and on. It can be a measuring stick. A magnifying glass. It’s a glimpse into student understanding.

Assessments don’t, however, have to be a formal quiz or test.

They can be varied and as informal as a conversation at times. Assessments can be creative and innovative.

When you get the #DitchBook tweeters together for a Thursday evening Twitter chat, you know there will be great ideas! This week’s topic was “Ditching Traditional Assessments,” and the discussion was enlightening!

What are your best practices for assessment? How do you mix things up with creative, non-traditional assessment? Please leave your best ideas in a comment at the end of this post!

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