8 quotes from Matt Miller’s Ditch That Textbook keynote

Watch eight of my favorite moments from a recent keynote I did in at the National CUE Conference in California!

Many times, the most memorable parts of a speech come down to a handful of impactful moments.

Inspirational quotes. Unforgettable moments.

I recently got the wonderful opportunity to keynote the CUE Conference in Palm Springs, California. I was so thankful for the positive feedback and the warm reception to my message that night.

I have boiled the whole speech down into a little over three minutes! This video has eight of my favorite clips of the entire keynote.

It’s a promotional video that I created for people who might be interested in booking me to speak at their school, district or event.

However, even if you’re not in the market for an education speaker, you can always look past the pitch and get some of the best parts of my speech in one quickly watchable video.

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