3 FREE online teacher conferences you don’t want to miss

When back-to-school time hits, a little inspiration and some ideas can go a long way. These three free online conferences for teachers will energize you!

Free professional development. Great presenters. Interesting, idea-packed presentations. All on your time, whenever and wherever you want.

Sound good? Let me sweeten the pot a little.

Free professional development credits AND, in some cases, PDF notes you can download.

All in time for back-to-school inspiration.

Three of these FREE “digital summits” are happening in the next few weeks (as of publication of this post) and I don’t want you to miss them!

I’ve had a BLAST hosting the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit the last two years in December. We’ve now hosted more than 20 speakers on a wide range of topics that you LOVE.

Now, these three “back to school” digital summits share a similar format:

  • They offer 30-60-minute video presentations you can watch anywhere.
  • They’re available for a certain window of time and then become unavailable.
  • You can get FREE certificates of completion for professional development!

Plus, they each boast a great online community where you can collaborate with others who are watching and learning just like you.

Here are the three you should have on your radar:

1. CUE Craft #DitchSummit (July 25-August 10)

If you’ve participated in the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit in the past, this is going to seem very familiar!

Same great ideas. Same website. Same format.

New partnership! To make this one happen before school starts, I’ve teamed up with CUE (cue.org) and Adobe (creators of the fantastic Adobe Spark … here’s a post I wrote about it).

New videos available: July 25-29

End date (watch all videos by this date): August 10

Twitter hashtag: #DitchSummit

Presenter list tentatively includes:

  • To be announced (very soon!)

Cost: FREE

Available to: Anyone around the world

Register at: cue.org/ditchtix (create an account to be emailed links to presentations as they become available)

More info: cue.org/ditch

2. Strobel Summit (July 11-20)

This summit is centered around the theme of “Reimagining Education” and includes sessions on school culture, growth mindset, homework, trauma-sensitive classrooms, grading practices/formative assessment and genius hour.

It’s run by Kim Strobel, who presented a fantastic session for the Ditch Summit in December on “The Science of Happiness.” She’ll bring the same passion and enthusiasm to the Strobel Summit to kick off your school year!

New videos available: July 11-16

End date (watch all videos by this date): July 20

Twitter hashtag: #StrobelSummit

Presenter list includes:

  • Hal Bowman, school culture expert and creator of Teach Like a Rock Star
  • Whitney Litherland, elementary school educator and growth mindset devotee
  • Matt Miller, author of Ditch That Homework
  • Jennifer Mitchell, special education teacher with focus on trauma-informed education
  • Gina Stancombe, literacy coach who emphasizes healthy grading/assessment practices
  • Kim Strobel, education speaker/writer, happiness coach and host of Strobel Summit

Cost: FREE

Available to: Anyone around the world

Register at: http://www.strobeleducation.com/strobelsummit/#register

More info: http://www.strobeleducation.com/strobelsummit

3. Hive Summit (August 1-14)

This summit is focused on the concept of the hive — lots of busy bees swarming around some really great ideas for the classroom and school.

It’s hosted by Michael Matera, teacher and author of “Explore Like a PIRATE” about bringing game elements into your classroom and instruction.

Hive Summit branches out beyond gamification to great topics in education like student engagement, technology, leadership, creativity and more!

Summit begins: August 1

End date (watch all videos by this date): August 14

Twitter hashtag: #HiveSummit

Presenter list includes:

Cost: FREE

Available to: Anyone around the world

Register at: https://hivesummit.org/?page_id=201

More info: http://hivesummit.org

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