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Time savers for teachers: A more efficient you!

It’s something we’re always looking for as teachers. Something always holding us back.


We never seem to have enough of it. If we had more of it, we could get more done and do more for our students.

What if we could change our practices in some key areas and buy back some minutes, hours — even days — to do more?

Finding those ways to optimize our efficiency was the topic of our recent #DitchBook chat! I’m sure you’ll benefit from the ideas as much as we did. 

Scroll down to find:

  • Lesson planning time savers
  • Feedback and assessment time saving tips
  • A copyable Wakelet collection of time saving tools
  • Links to more time saving resources from Ditch That Textbook

Lesson planning time savers

Use a lesson planning template.

Organize your Google Drive folders by unit.

Use HyperDoc lesson templates to plan.

Create a calendar in an editable, sharable Google Doc.

Utilize revision history to review previous lessons.

Time saving tips for assessment and feedback

Use color coded activities for quick assessments.

Have students give one another feedback with Google Forms.

Use Seesaw to give feedback and acknowledge work.

Utilize comments in Google Docs and Slides to give ongoing, targeted feedback.

Utilize embedded Google Classrooms features to save time.

Time saving tools

More time saving resources from Ditch That Textbook

What teacher doesn’t want to save themselves time and teach better? It’s

What will make your lesson plan book feel a Swiss Army knife?

Sometimes just getting started with a task is the hardest part. Where

Minute by minute, you can buy back time for what matters most

Quick Google Forms time savers for teachers

Google Forms is a great survey tool. It can also let us

10 Google Classroom time savers for teachers

Google Classroom can already make us more efficient, but these tips can

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