My Summer of eLearning

Summer of eLearning

The Indiana DOE made 17 eLearning conferences available around the state.

This summer, I had the privilege of participating in seven of Indiana’s Summer of eLearning regional educational technology conferences.

They were amazing: nationally (or internationally) known speakers alongside great local educators presenting useful, innovative tools and information to hundreds of Hoosier educators at a time. I really commend the Indiana Department of Education, its eLearning office and the host school districts for making these available to teachers with affordable registration fees!

I learned a lot this summer and was challenged by some great speakers. There were top-quality nationally and internationally known presenters all over Indiana. Here’s a sampling of it:

I took notes in Evernote in some sessions. I encourage anyone who attends conferences to use Evernote or Google Docs and to share links to their notes. It’s a great way to extend your learning to others!

Twitter was huge in my learning, sharing and reflecting this summer. Here are some of the best tweets:

I was privileged to present at eight different conferences this summer to an attendance of more than 550 educators! Here are the sessions I presented:

What was your summer like? How did you grow as a professional? Share what you learned in a comment below!