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Hanging out with Google Hangouts (GTT038)

Google Hangouts lets classes break down the four walls of their classrooms, connecting them to other classes, guest speakers and more. See how in this show!

Using this free tool that most teachers have available to them, they can let their students see and hear from any expert, class or other guest from around the world.

They can get in touch with a buddy classroom whenever they want, share their learning and work together.

This tool has amazing power, and many use it in their own classrooms, but very few seem to use it in the classroom.

The tool? Google Hangouts. (Or Skype. Or FaceTime. Or any other video calling platform.)

Often, the big hangup for teachers is a perceived lack of understanding of how it works — or not knowing where to find people, classes, etc., whom they can call.

Hangouts doesn’t have to be scary, and it’s easier to find virtual guests for your classroom than you might think! Kasey Bell, my Google Teacher Tribe co-host from Shake Up Learning, and I dig into Google Hangouts and how it can be used in the classroom.


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