Ep. 2 and 3: Modern education and student voice [PODCAST]

The Peace, Love and EdTech Conference at Southmont High School this week has been a thought-provoking and toolbox-building experience.

International speaker/author Will Richardson encouraged listeners to merge the traditional education techniques that work with modern techniques that create unique learning experiences.

In an interview with Ditch That Textbook, Will discussed interacting online with strangers (for students AND teachers), the U.S. education’s struggles to deal with poverty and “information leadership.”

Click on the button below to hear Will’s thoughts.

Will Richardson

Allie Holland, instructional technology coach at Plymouth Community School Corp. in Plymouth, Ind., shared her experience highlighting her students’ voices in class, both as an elementary teacher and in her current work with fifth through eighth graders. She discusses her work with the Riverside eLearning Rockstars (@RISeLearning).

Click on the button below to hear Allie.

Allie Holland


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