Ditch That Textbook on hiatus until August

Congratulations on arriving at the end of another school year!

Getting to June may signal a busy time of your life if you’re like me. For me, it means teaching swimming lessons, coaching a summer swim team, coaching coach-pitch baseball, presenting at conferences and tackling projects I couldn’t do during the school year.

As I’m getting into it, I’m seeing that my ambitious goals of continuing to write high-quality blog content all through the summer isn’t a possibility. So Ditch That Textbook is taking a break from regularly scheduled posts until August. I still may post occasionally when a writing topic strikes me, but the regular Monday and Thursday schedule will take a back seat for now.

I will be presenting at several conferences all over Indiana through the summer. If you’ll be attending any of these conferences and read Ditch That Textbook, I would love to meet you! Please say “hello” if you bump into me.

Here’s my schedule:

  • June 7: iPossibilities at Center Grove H.S.
  • June 12 & 13: KTT 3.0 Knight Time Technology 3 at East Noble H.S.
  • June 18 & 19: Ride the Wave of eLearning at Tecumseh Jr. H.S.
  • July 1 & 2: The Peace, Love & edTech Conference at Southmont H.S.
  • July 24: My Big Campus User Conference at NCAA Conference Center in Indianapolis
  • July 25: Greater Clark Connected Conference at Jeffersonville H.S.
  • July 30 & 31: eQuip “Hit Refresh” at Plymouth H.S.
  • Aug. 1 & 2: The Digital Shift: Upgrading your 21st Century Toolbox at Lebanon H.S.

Sessions I will be presenting throughout the summer:

Ditch that textbook!

Learn to meet your students in the digital worlds where they live and reap the rewards. Participants will leave with EXCELLENT HANDOUTS including ideas on how to supplement or completely replace textbooks with Web-based resources or by using techniques inspired by them. Resources include educatonal social media and Google Apps among others. Participants will see examples for 1:1 initiatives, computer labs and more.

Broadcast with podcasts: Giving students a voice

Student voices and podcasts in our classrooms lead to instant engagement! Digital audio can be created with a simple phone call and can range from a basic assignment to multi-week projects. Teachers will leave with plenty of no-cost ideas for implementation and simple instructions on how to do them.

From “blah” to blog: Writing online for students and teachers

Students read and interact digitally every day. Why not meet them in that world? Learn how blogs can be used in virtually any classroom and how to get students interacting inside and outside of class. We’ll also examine the benefits and how-tos of teacher blogs as well.

8 great digital tools to connect with 21st Century language students

English/Language Arts students and world language students have so many opportunities to create, collaborate and share their classroom content through digital media. In this session, an English/Language Arts teacher and a Spanish teacher will demonstrate how to connect with these students through Web 2.0 apps that are available to anyone. Bring a laptop, tablet or other Internet-ready device, because we’re going to be getting our hands dirty with these tools!

I will provide links to handouts and resources related to these presentations throughout the summer, so stay tuned! And thanks for reading!

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