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Bitmojis for your students: How to create and share them

Bitmojis are so much fun! They’re these little cartoon character images of yourself that let you express emotions and communicate.

I’ve seen educators use them all over the place: in text messages, in emails, in slide presentations, in documents and on social media. They’re even using them to leave feedback on student work!

The sad part: It’s not as easy to get students to use them.

  • Bitmoji Terms of Service specify users must be 13+ years of age.
  • There are some … umm … less than appropriate Bitmoji images in the app.
  • Bitmoji is owned and operated by Snapchat, and Snapchat is blocked at many schools.

So, how can we get these fun images in the hands of students — to make class more fun AND to incorporate them into learning?

Three words: Google Drive folders.

If we can create Bitmojis that look like our students and save them to Google Drive folders that students can access, they can enjoy the fun, too!

In this tutorial video, I show you how to get started on Bitmoji, create characters that look like your students, save those images and share them with students.

The bad news: It’s not a fast, easy fix. It takes some time to create several Bitmoji characters and download the images.

The good news: If you do it ONE TIME at the beginning of the school year, your students will have access to them for the rest of the year!

Here are the steps. Feel free to watch the whole tutorial video or just skip to the part that you need help with:

6:20 — Set up a Snapchat account (or choose one you already have)

7:06 — Head over to Bitmoji to start designing a character

7:25 — Design a character for a student (or a group of similar-looking students)

10:24 — Save Bitmojis out of the Chrome extension

11:58 — Create a Google Drive folder for your Bitmojis (and subfolders for each student appearance)

13:33 — Go back to the Bitmoji app and create a new appearance (and repeat until all students are done)

15:44 — Share a link to your Bitmojis folder with students

16:58 — Have students add the folder to their Google Drive

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