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A FREE online conference for teachers: #DitchSummit!

Gain ideas and inspiration for the new year with the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit in December. Sign up now for your FREE ticket at DitchSummit.com!

For many of us, December is a time when life slows down a bit. We’re between semesters. The holidays give us time to recharge and reflect. We teachers are a unique bunch. For many of us, we see it as a time to do the things we haven’t had time to do during the rush of school.

Like getting new ideas and inspiration for the new year!

If that sounds about right, the Ditch That Textbook Digital Summit is for you.

What is the DitchSummit?

The digital summit (DitchSummit for short, based on our #DitchSummit Twitter hashtag) is a FREE online conference for teachers.

Much like regular conferences, there are speakers who will present sessions that will give you great ideas to start using immediately.

  • From December 15-23, you’ll get a new video presentation every day. I have hand-picked nine PHENOMENAL educators with messages I know will resonate with you. They last 30-60 minutes and are pre-recorded, so you can watch them as many times as you’d like.
  • After all the presentations are released, you’ll have until December 31 to catch up on any videos that you’ve missed.
  • The summit ends on December 31, so after that, all of the videos will disappear.

A free online conference for teachers: #DitchSummit! Get your FREE ticket at DitchSummit.com.

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Free professional development credits

For each video you watch, you can earn an hour of professional development credit.

Each video will be accompanied by a button to generate a PD certificate. Click the button, fill in some details, and the certificate will be automatically created and sent to your email.

Turn it in to your school or district. The certificates aren’t accredited by any organization, so there’s no guarantee that your school/district will accept them, but hopefully they will!

Free notes … and free Chromebooks?!?

The videos disappear at the end of the summit, but you can download and keep a free PDF notes page from each session.

They’re summaries of each session so you can remember the key points from each presentation you watch … and even the ones you might not have time to watch!

And free Chromebooks??? For real?

Yep. The summit’s giveaway sponsor, Acer, has contributed two Acer Chromebook 15’s to be given away during the summit. The drawing will take place in conjunction with the Chromebook Crash Course session on December 22. Be sure to watch that session so you can enter to win!

Win one of two Acer Chromebook 15’s during the digital summit! Thanks to Acer, our giveaway sponsor.

Who are the presenters? What are the presentation topics?

Here’s what it all looks like …

How do I sign up? How does this work?

It’s pretty straightforward, really …

  1. Go to DitchSummit.com to sign up for your free ticket to the digital summit.
  2. Let others know about the summit through social media and/or email. (In fact, here’s an example email you can copy and paste to send to colleagues. Feel free to use as little or as much as you’d like!)
  3. When the summit begins, you’ll receive an email each morning with a link to that day’s presentation. When the email arrives, just click on the link to go to that day’s presentation.
  4. The videos, PD certificates and notes will remain available at DitchSummit.com from Dec. 15-31.
  5. Catch up on anything you don’t want to miss by Dec. 31. Everything — videos, certificates, notes — disappears after that!

The Digital Summit begins in …

The 2017 Digital Summit has begun! Check out http://ditchsummit.com for details!

The Digital Summit ends in …

The 2017 Digital Summit is over. Check out http://DitchSummit.com to sign up for updates on the next summit!

PD in your PJs. All for free.

Is it really free? All of it?

Yep. The presenters donate their time. There are no paid sponsors (except for the giveaway sponsor, Acer, who only contributed the Chromebooks).

No money changing hands. Just educators sharing ideas to help each other.

Get your free ticket to the Digital Summit to join in the fun — and share it with others!

What makes you excited about the digital summit? Do you still have any questions? Please leave a comment below and let us know!

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