7 ninja Google Keep tricks for teachers and students

Google Keep is like digital sticky notes that go wherever you and your Google account go. Keep can be your secret weapon! It can help you gather and develop ideas and save you tons of time, and these ninja tricks will help!

As vast as the Internet is, it’s good to have a way to archive things you find — and the ideas that it sparks.

For me, that all comes down to Google Keep. It’s like digital sticky notes you carry with you in your phone, computer or Chromebook.

I’ll jot down a fleeting thought, capture an interesting article or list things I need to do.

Keep has the same superpowers for both students AND teachers. Some of those superpowers can be used to do some awesome learning in the classroom. (Here’s a post I wrote about how Google Keep can streamline life at school.)

And some of the hidden features — the stuff you might not easily notice — REALLY feel like superpowers!

Here are seven of my favorite Google Keep ninja tricks. I’ll bet there’s something in there you didn’t know about!

Use the time stamps under the embedded video (below) to find the parts you want to watch most — and skip to those. Or just watch the whole video start to finish … that’s always OK, too!

0:42 — What is Google Keep?

1:53 — Take notes on mobile, work with them on a laptop/Chromebook

2:28 — Annotate images in a note (great for digitizing agendas for meetings or handouts!)

4:01 — Add drawings to photos in a note (Snapchat style!)

4:47 — Organize to your heart’s content! (color-coded notes AND labels)

5:43 — Convert Keep notes to Google Docs (when they get really big)

6:29 — Convert text in an image into editable text in a note (you can copy/paste that text anywhere after that!)

8:02 — Add lines/dots to your drawings to keep content straight

9:37 — Put Keep notes in a doc/slide (kind of like a digital sticky note brainstorming session!)

12:40 — Capture voice recordings as audio AND transcribe it to text in a note

PS: Did you notice that my numbering skills are a hot mess in this video? In the video, the graphic says 10 tricks … the title and graphic in this post say 7 tricks … and there end up being 8 tricks in the video! Yikes … I’ll do better on that next time. Owning my mistakes and being transparent here!

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