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40 innovative ideas for using Google Forms in your classroom

Google Forms can do so much more than provide data from a quiz or survey. How can we use Google Forms in innovative ways? Here are 40 ideas from the #Ditchbook community.

We know that Google Forms give us the ability to easily create quizzes or surveys. We can even create self-grading exams or include video or image in our forms.

But that is just scratching the surface. Google Forms can do SO much more!

How can we use this G Suite app in different and creative ways? And what add-ons are available to enhance Google Forms to make them even more useful to us and our students?

In a recent Twitter chat, moderated by Craig Klement, the #Ditchbook community shared how they are using Google Forms in new, different and exciting ways with their students.

Scroll down to find 40 innovative ideas for using Google Forms in your classroom.

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