2 teacher-created models for savvy tech integration

“The goal of PAGER is to show the natural order of technology integration, so the teacher will become comfortable to implement technology tools into his or her teaching strategies,” Rich wrote. “Many teachers and students become frustrated when it comes to trying more technology integrations. PAGER shows teachers and students a simple starting point and that it is beneficial to build a foundation at the lower landing.”

For more information about the PAGER model, go to: http://www.bit.do/pagerplatform.

Contact Daniel Rich at [email protected]. Contact Tony Tipton at [email protected].

The FUN Model (Nancy Crowley and Inger Cierniak)

Image by Michelle Pacansky-Brock (CC-BY).

Image by Michelle Pacansky-Brock (CC-BY). Click to see full-size image.

Nancy Crowley and Inger Cierniak saw this image (right) and could really relate to it. They could see themselves in it as well as their colleagues.

They also knew how hard it was to “straddle the chasm,” to go from the mainstream to an “ed tech enthusiast.”

Their big question was, “How do we get from the right to the left?” They wanted a way to empower and encourage teachers.

That’s where the FUN Model was born. It’s a simple, straightforward way to help teachers incorporate technology in a meaningful way.

Here’s a description of the parts of the FUN Model:

  • F — Focus on learning — Teaching is full of distractions. It’s easy to get focused on the flash of technology. But throughout it all, we should keep a focus on solid learning.
  • U — Use technology — Technology is the primary mode of communication for students. Tech by itself isn’t engaging … it’s all about how your lesson utilizes it.
  • N — It’s a natural fit — Teachers don’t have to force technology into lessons. Technology needs to be an enhancement that makes your students connect to your lesson and makes it real to them.

Crowley and Cierniak encourage teachers to let students explore facts instead of asking questions that can be easily Googled. They also emphasize the 4 C’s — critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.

For more information, contact Crowley, educational technologist at St. Peter and Paul School in Easton, Maryland, at [email protected]. Contact Cierniak, technology teacher at Christ the Teacher Catholic School in Newark, Delaware, at [email protected].

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