15 ways to create unforgettable multimedia with Adobe Spark

Multimedia is one way that technology is impacting what we do in the classroom. Just look back 10 years.

To create impressive video, audio and images in the past, it used to take expensive equipment. Video mixers. Audio boards. Design software.

Now we have high-resolution (or high-definition) creation tools right in our pockets. Smart phones, tablets and computers can do what the high-cost equipment used to do. (And often, it can do better!)

Adobe Spark is one of those tools. It lets students smash together various forms of media into creations that are so cool, they’ll want to show their friends and family. It’s all free, including the website and its iPad/iPhone apps (Post / Page / Video). If you’ve used Adobe Slate or Voice before, Spark will be very familiar. Adobe rebranded those tools with its former Post app under the Spark heading.

What can you create with Adobe Spark?

With Adobe Spark (a free service), students can create:

  • Posts: These single images can combine text and images. They’re saved as picture files.
  • Pages: These are long, flowing, top-to-bottom pages that you scroll through. They can include images, videos and text.
  • Videos: These videos can be picture slide shows or a combination of images and videos. They can include voice narration and/or music.

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Adobe Spark Post

The ability to create professional looking graphics is a valuable skill to teach. But many of us don’t know where to start. Did you know you and your students can easily design stunning visual images in minutes without any graphic design experience?

How to get started with Adobe Spark Post

With Adobe Spark Post you and your students can create amazing images in minutes. Posts can be created using the web app on Macs, Windows, and Chromebooks. Or build awesome visuals on the go with Adobe Spark Post on iOS and Android devices.

Start by creating an account on spark.adobe.com or download the Adobe Spark Post app to your mobile devices. Both web and mobile apps work the same, with some minor differences in features between the two.

One major difference between the web and the mobile version is the ability to create a template. In mobile version (currently only iOS) you can share an editable template by clicking on Create remixable copy when sharing a Post. It’s a great way to promote a theme or just have some fun! Try it out by clicking here: Remix this Design.

Want a walk through using Adobe Spark Post? Check out this tutorial (and remember — Adobe Spark Post works well on a mobile device AND a laptop or Chromebook!):

Ready to start creating beautiful looking graphics with your students?

5 ways you can use Adobe Spark Post in your classroom tomorrow!

Character Quotes

Use Adobe Spark Post to create graphics to share an idea or concept based on characters or authors quotes from a text or novel. It’s a great way for students to share their understanding of character traits or to analyze characters.



If you spend any time on social media, you’ve probably come across a meme or two. Memes are images or videos captioned with text to express an idea or humorous or inspirational thought. Adobe Spark Post is a perfect tool for creating memes. Students can create memes for classroom rules or procedures, literary works, icebreakers or learning new vocabulary.


Book Covers

This next activity is applicable to all grade levels. Give them an opportunity to redesign covers of novels or create new ones for short stories.



With Adobe Spark Post, students can create posters for things like school art shows, safety rules, student ASB council and many more. Whether you use the mobile app or desktop version, chose the Print option when selecting a size. This will ensure you get the best print resolution.


Story or Comic Strips

One cool feature found in Adobe Spark Post is being able to add multiple images into one graphic. Basically creating a multi-cell or as I like to call it a comic book layout.
Have students create their own sequential stories using their own artwork or photographs. It’s a neat way for students to creatively tell a story.


Things to know

Adobe Spark Post projects are synced between all devices. When you work on a project on your mobile device it will sync in the cloud for you to edit later on another device.

Adobe Spark Post is available to all teachers and students. Even better, schools get Premium features that usually cost $9.99/month per user absolutely FREE! Read more about that here.