12 social media-inspired hooks for class

Social media is everywhere. Each social media platform has its own characteristics.

Images are the strength of Instagram and Pinterest.

Video is where TikTok and Twitch shine.

Quick, easy communication is what sets WhatsApp and Voxer apart — both in different ways.

The dating app Tinder even has its strengths — and (gasp!) we can play to them in class activities, too.

Each social media platform has something that makes it innately different. That uniqueness is what its fan base really loves about it. When social media platforms hang around, it’s because something is working.

Let’s use that.

We can put our finger on what makes these successful social media platforms unique. Let’s call those their hooks. We don’t need the social media app to create the unique experience. When we understand the hooks, we can use them to create unique activities that engage students in the same way their favorite social media platforms do.

In this post, we’ll take a look at 12 social media platforms and what their hooks are — what makes them unique. Then, we’ll look at how we can use them in the classroom.

Have a suggestion for another hook — or another way one of the hooks can be used? PLEASE leave it in a comment at the end of the post!

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