12 social media-inspired Google Slides templates

No matter the age — kindergarten to high school senior — students are pretty familiar with social media. In fact, many of them can think in terms of tweets, snaps, pins and videos. They know what they have to say, and they have an idea of how to say it with a certain kind of post.

If they can think in terms of social media posts, can we let them demonstrate their learning in that way, too?

In many cases, the answer is yes!

And, thankfully, they don’t need the app to create the experience! In each of the examples below, students can do an activity that feels like posting on social media without actually signing up for or using the app.

This concept is a big part of the social media chapter in my book, Tech Like a PIRATE, which is all about making learning memorable with technology. In this post, each of these social media experiences is recreated with a tool that so many students DO have access to — Google Slides. 

Using these templates is pretty simple:

  1. Click the “Get the template” button for the template you want. Here, you’ll make a copy of the template into your own Google Drive.
  2. Create an assignment for your students in Google Classroom or your learning management system (LMS) like Canvas or Schoology.
  3. If Google Classroom: attach the copy you made of the social media template and choose “Make a copy for each student” in the three dots menu button for the attachment. If you can’t do this in your LMS: Click the “Share” button in the top right of Google Slides. Under “Get link”, click “Change to anyone with the link”. Make the link “Anyone with the link” is a viewer. Copy the link. Paste the link in your assignment instructions. In the link, delete the word “edit” and everything else after it at the end of the link. Type the word “copy” right at the end of the link. 
  4. Students get their own copies of the template and get to work!

How could you use these templates in your classroom? Share your ideas in a comment at the end of this post!

12 FREE social media-inspired Google Slides templates