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11 tips for creating stop motion in Google Slides

3. Pay attention to degrees when rotating objects

Much like when moving objects, you want to make sure that you rotate objects in relatively small, constant amounts. One option for doing this is to just pay attention to the degrees you see when rotating – i.e., 5°, 10°, 15°, etc. It’s tricky to get this just right, but anything close to constant (i.e., 5.1°, 9.8°, 15.2°, etc.) should do. A second option is the Rotate 1° keyboard shortcut. Use Alt (option on a Mac) + Shift + Left or Right arrow to do this. A third option is the Rotate 15° keyboard shortcut. Use Alt (option on a Mac) + Left or Right arrow to do this. I lean towards using the second option with a few clicks (3-5) for each slide, but it’s best to pick based on your situation/goal. A fourth option which isn’t shown in this GIF below is to hold down Shift while rotating with your mouse – this locks your rotation into increments of 15°.

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