10 no-internet remote learning activities

When schools turned to remote learning all across the world, it only further pointed out a stark reality.

Not all students have reliable internet access.

  • Some students have devices — school-provided or otherwise — but spotty or non-existent internet.
  • Some students rely on internet from only a cell phone. Data limits and inconsistent reception make this a problem.
  • Some students don’t have devices at all — or home internet at all.

If we want to keep learning going but don’t have equitable technology options, what can we do?

For one, we can use textbooks and paper. I know, I know. This blog is titled Ditch That Textbook. But ever since the blog’s creation, I’ve identified that textbooks are a resource — and that in today’s schools, we can do better than marching chapter by chapter through a textbook.

But when we don’t have the benefits of a face-to-face school, we’re missing crucial elements to success: reliable Internet, a teacher’s presence, fellow classmates, etc. Textbooks and paper don’t need WiFi. They don’t need electricity. When significant disparities in technology exist, these no-tech options might be best.

When students do have devices and internet, we don’t have to rule that out. If access to devices and internet fluctuates, students can have options with tech and without. 

So … what could those no-tech options look like? 

Aside from assigning worksheets and chapter review questions, here are 10 no-internet remote learning activities to help students grow when not at school. These are the types of activities that don’t take a lot of explaining. They’re not easily graded. But their benefits are huge — and could be exactly what students need.

What are your favorite no-internet activities for remote learning? Share in a comment below!