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10 Jamboard templates for distance learning

Have you heard of Jamboard? It creates whiteboards that are a lot like slides. Looking for more collaborative activities to complete during distance learning? Look no further! 

This free Google tool isn’t just about expensive interactive displays. 

Don’t I need an expensive interactive display board to use it?

Nope! You can use the app for free on any device! It works with Google Drive and allows you to present your whiteboard to people viewing remotely. Which makes it a great online whiteboard option for distance learning.

What is Jamboard?

With Jamboard you can:

  • Add sticky notes, drawings, images, text and more.
  • Search Google and insert images or webpages.
  • Move images, texts, notes and drawings around on the screen easily.
  • Drag and resize text and images with your fingers.
  • Share your “jams” with others and let them collaborate. 

Getting started with Jamboard

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